Mountain Biking Tips

If we were to go through all the possible mountain biking tips out there, we will probably need a few thousand pages. Since you probably don’t want to read though all that, let us look at some important mountain biking tips that might help you get started with the sport, right away.

General mountain biking tips

  • When you start out, you want mountain biking to be a fun activity where you just enjoy the outdoors and the joy or riding. Don’t get into competitive mountain biking until you have enjoyed the sport first
  • Mountain biking is always double the fun when you have a riding partner. See if your girlfriend or boyfriend of just friends wants to get into the sport. Chances are that you will invariably find someone who is just as enthusiastic as you
  • Though mountain bikes are expensive, you must spend as much as you can to buy a good quality mountain bike. A quality bike will give you good performance and safety and will also not give you many maintenance headaches when you ride

General riding tips

Though each trail will require a slightly different approach, you can try to follow these general mountain biking tips to better your riding

  • When riding, always look at a space in the path where you want to be at. The moment you anxiously start looking at obstacle, you are invariably setting yourself up on a crash course
  • Your grip on the handlebar should be a relaxed one. Most people hold the handlebar with a death grip, only to struggle when balancing becomes a challenge. The grip should be light enough to sort of move your fingers around just a little bit.
  • Tinker with the seat settings to find a position where you won’t lock your elbows or your legs out in 90 degree angles. There will always have to be a bend to at least a certain extent. If you can’t get into such a position on your current bike, you might just have to look for another one
  • Learn how to stand and ride your bike. Mountain biking will require you to spend a considerable amount of time off the saddle and your balance and ride quality should be just as good as when you are sitting and riding the mountain bike

Braking tips

  • You have to master the control over your front brakes. Though they have great stopping power, they can easily hurl you into a crash if you don’t use them right. Start going down trails with gentle descents and then try stopping your bike with just your front brakes, without skidding the wheels and without losing general control. Once you do that a few times, you will know just how well to use those deadly front brakes
  • Always use just two or even just one finger for braking. Clutching the brakes with all 4 fingers is a recipe for disaster as you will invariably take a tumble
  • You must also learn how to sort of pump your brakes in such a way that you use momentary brake presses to slow the bike. This technique will help prevent skidding

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