Cheap Running Shoes For A Tight budget

Written about Roger Bannister, the first man to break the 4-minute mile, this quote, extracted from Neil Bascomb’s The Perfect Mile, aptly describes the pure essence of why we run. From the desire to keep fit, avoid weight gain and heart disease, all the way to the need to enjoy the natural scenery and blow off steam while collecting our thoughts, we all proffer a myriad of reasons when asked why we run. As far as keeping fit is concerned, running is certainly one of the cheapest ways we can achieve this goal. This is because it does not require any special gears and/or equipment: with suitable running shoes and perhaps, the right clothing, one is good to go.

Right from the early stages of human history when man practically moved about on barefoot, running shoes have evolved from the simple rubber shoes worn in the 1900’s to the modern day running shoes that are generally classified as neutral, motion control and stability running shoes. The first modern running shoes were pioneered by American sportswear manufacturing giant, Nike in the 1970’s with other reliable brands like Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Asics, Brooks, Saucony, etc., also joining the fray over the years.

Before You Choose A Pair Running Shoes

These shoes come in different brands and designs at various prices. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to change your pair of running shoes after every 300-500 miles of running in them. Hence, the need to consider cost when shopping for a pair of running shoes.  For the professional athlete, price is not of primary importance when compared to comfort and functionality. However, it is a different kettle of fish for the casual/recreational runner, especially one who is on a tight budget, as he/she is faced with the challenge of finding medium- to low-cost running shoes that are not only affordable, but also comfortable and functional.

As a general guide to the casual runner who needs to change his/her pair of running shoes from time to time, a good pair of running shoes should be well cushioned, lightweight and above all, durable. As a matter of fact, good running shoes do not have to be expensive. Below is a list, in no particular order, of some cheap running shoes (with prices less than $100) that you can get from some of the top brands.

The Top Brands

Adidas Climawarm Blast:

Designed for maximum flexibility, this shoe has a chunky outsole and a breathable air mesh on the upper part, all combining to produce a comfortable and flexible feel while running in them. Combined with the Climawarm technology to keep your feet warm while running in cold weather or cool when running in warm weather, this shoe is surely a good bargain at the price of approximately $70.

Brooks Green Silence:

available at an approximate price of $60, the Brooks Green Silence is an ideal choice for individuals who need cheap running shoes that are environmentally friendly (yes, shoes are capable of loving our environment!). Made from soy-based ink and other recycled materials, these shoes are capable of withstanding even the toughest terrains. Designed for high performance, these shoes are integrated with a layer of seamless mesh to keep your feet either warm or cold; and at the same time, dry.

New Balance 890v5:

New Balance 890v5

these shoes, which are an improved version of the New Balance 890v5, are designed to provide runners with the fluid, lightweight performance that most runners desire. Priced at a pocket friendly $99.95, a pair of these shoes is surely a good buy for the casual runner who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality, functionality and durability on the altar of low cost. Click to see New Balance 890v5 review

Asics Gel-Blur33 2.0:

designed with a gel and memory foam combination, these are one of the shock absorbent running shoes you can get in the market. With a beautiful lacy design, a pair of these shoes is a beauty to behold, and are comfortable to wear. The Asics Gel-Blur33 2.0 is a good bargain at the price of $72.95-$100.

Saucony Kinvara 3:

with an aesthetic, futuristic design, this shoe is an ideal choice for the fashion-conscious runner. It is light weighted, well cushioned, comfortable, and as well, highly shock absorbent. A pair of the Saucony Kinvara 3 comes at a pocket friendly price of $49.99-$90 and is packed with enough flexibility to make running in them a thrill.

The above list is by no means exhaustive, but whatever your choice of running shoes, be sure to buy one that is suited to your particular needs. Also try them on before you buy them to see that they are your exact size. All said, with due diligence, you can find cheap running shoes that are good for you and that can run the mile.

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